Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Good 'ole Texas Weather

Hello Readers,

This weekend we had some issues with the weather but managed to get at least four more games under our belts. We ended the weekend 1-3, our win being Syracuse, two of our losses going to Purdue, and the last to Baylor University. We went out with a bang if I must say so myself. We gave Baylor a run for their money the entire game, never giving up. Baylor came out to perform in front of a very supportive home crowd ready to take home another win. We took the loss 4-2 but made them earn every at bat, every base, and every run they received.

Following the conclusion of our game vs. Baylor the All-Tournament team was announced to the crowd; Haley Bassett and I were honored along with a selected few from the other three teams who competed in the tournament.

Our team played under some un-favoring conditions, but we managed to pull through and accomplish something as a team. As a team we were told by Coach Dan Morman “To trust that the person next to you will do their job so that you can concentrate on doing your own.” This seemed to come out in the Baylor game. Once everyone was trusting in one another you could feel all the tension leave and we could play our game again. We gave Baylor the #8 team in the nation a heck of a game, and I believe if we had a few more innings the results may have been different. We may be starting off with a few more losses than anyone would have hoped for, but the experiences that come along with them are more valuable than any W.

We’re getting better ever outing and we have twice as many games this week. We go to Ruston, Louisiana on Wednesday, February 20th to play Louisiana Tech, and Thursday we leave for Houston, Texas to play; Texas State, Kansas, Cal-State Northridge, Houston, and Boston. Wish us luck!


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