Tuesday, May 6, 2008

GRADUATION is quickly approaching!!! aaaahhhh

Hey all. Well this past weekend we played Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne. This series was the last regular season conference series I would play at Centenary, tear! We ended victorious taking 2 out of 3 from IPFW, which clinched the first seed for us in the conference tournament. In order to go to the tournament a team must place first- fourth. This year though is a little different because not only did we change our conference name we also added three new teams, North and South Dakota State Universities and IPFW. IPFW is eligible to attend the tournament but neither North nor South Dakota State can attend because of NCAA regulations. Neither team has been Division I status for five years, so even though North Dakota State won the Summit League regular season and we got 2nd, we are by default the 1st seed. Southern Utah comes in as the 2nd seed, IPFW is 3rd, and currently it is undetermined as to who the 4th and final seed is; that will be determined definitely by Sunday, May 4, 2008. The 4th seed is between UMKC and Western Illinois who coincidentally are playing each other this weekend, whoever takes 2 out of 3, will become the 4th seed.

I didn’t do as well as I would have hoped for my last weekend out but oh well. To make matters worse I didn’t even play on Saturday. From a selfish point-of-view it kind of upset me because I was realizing that this was my last regular season game ever and the fact that I hadn’t really done well, made me realize that there was no way to turn it around on the last day. From a fellow teammate’s point of view, I understand that it is important to give the other girls that will be playing on Saturday, when we the three seniors head back to walk for graduation, to get some live at bats and live game-time experience before the tournament. People like Beth, LP, and Cait will be playing in positions that they have not been playing all season, so to get some live action is essential, I get that! It just sucks sometimes but then I think back to all the things we as a team have over come in four years to get to this point; lost parents, lost dear friends, pregnancies, drop-outs, quitters, it’s a lot and we’ve come together and over come it all so I just have to once again out my faith in my teammates that we the time comes they will get the job done, period! No questions!, No doubt!, Just belief in them and the talent that they bring to the table.

Moving on: Graduation is coming! Graduation is coming! It’s right around the corner in 6 short days. Oh my gosh how quickly time flies. I know I mentioned it earlier but as the celebrations edge closer it leaves me with mixed emotions. I am super excited to graduate from college, Centenary no less and move forward into what the future holds and I’m super scared because it means I am leaving behind my comfort zone for the 2nd time in my life, the 1st time was coming here to Centenary while everyone I knew went to Texas A&M, UT, or UNT. I guess that anxiousness is elevated because just recently I decided not to go home to Houston, which was the initial plan all along because of Alan, but now go anywhere else. I am also currently seeking employment and somewhere to live. The only thing that I have worked out is that I am going to stay in Shreveport for at least a year to get my feet under me and that I will move into a house with Lyn and Matt (Lyn’s guy). What house? We don’t yet know, but we are seeking a house because they have a dog and it’s growing rapidly and needs a yard to play in. At this point I am just flying by the seat of my pants and everything seems to be up in the air. Its super scary but super exciting too, hence the anxiousness but we’ll see. I’ll try to keep you updated, but until then…

“Live everyday to the fullest because we aren’t guaranteed tomorrow.”

RIP Big Dan

~Weady #22