Friday, March 21, 2008

Neat-O Gang!

Well I am SUPER DUPER excited to inform you that we are now over 500 going into the series against Oakland. Yes, we have already started conference play and are on a crazy winning streak. Go us!
SO, since I last wrote I have been cursed with the slump of all slumps. Check out the stats and you’ll see what I am talking about. And above all, my arm has been possessed by something evil and control of a ball is apparently out of the question.
I could blame it on the bird that _ on my head after Baylor’s tournament or the black cat that continuously sits in the middle of my driveway and crosses my path every morning as I leave my house, but I won’t. Obviously, its up to me to dig myself out, obviously I just need to try harder, and obviously I need to be the best player for my team. Be better…what an epiphany!
No but seriously, I am faster than a speeding bullet on the bases lately-no one can throw me out! AND I learned how to keep ALL the books. EXCITING.
-Wish us luck! Say a prayer for me!

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